Our carefully designed courses are dedicated to empowering individuals on their mental health journey, offering accessible and effective support. We understand that not everyone may feel comfortable with one-to-one counselling or mindset coaching, which is why we've crafted these courses to provide an alternative avenue for personal growth and healing. Each course combines evidence-based strategies, practical tools, and expert guidance to foster emotional well-being, build resilience, and nurture a positive mindset. Whether you're seeking to manage stress, overcome life transitions, boost self-esteem, or find balance in your life, our courses offer a structured and self-paced approach to transform your mental health. We believe that everyone deserves the opportunity to improve their well-being, and these courses ensure that support is within reach for all who seek it.

"Healing begins when you're ready to embrace your journey and create a brighter tomorrow."

Our Courses Can help with:

Our Courses:

Does your self-esteem need a boost?

Then this is the course for you, this course is set over 5 days. Each day covers a different topic to help build your self-esteem. The focus is to help put the tools in place to create long lasting change. Having a different topic each day allows for some time to think and reflect. The course comes with an introduction video each day, and I know how busy you are so these are no longer than a few minutes. There is also a downloadable PDF to help you with your thoughts for the day. The last day there is also a beautiful meditation to help you zen out. All of this is for you to keep and to tap into whenever you need it.

Does your Teen struggle with anxiety?

I know as a parent that watching your teenager deal with anxiety can be frightening, not knowing what to do, unsure of what to say or how to help! I have developed this course to help your teen understand what is going on at a deeper level. Through a series of videos we discuss what is happening to the body as well as the mind/body connection BUT most importantly how to stop anxiety in it's tracks. There is also a downloadable PDF to help them work through their anxiety and a series of exercises that allows them to develop their very own set of coping strategies. They work through the course at their own pace and the course is theirs to keep, this means that they can dip in and out and refresh their memory in what to do and how to cope. I know that it's hard to encourage your teen to seek professional support and that's why I developed this course, it gives you peace of mind as a parent that your child is getting the support that they need early on so that their mental health doesn't become or is less of an issue further into adulthood. This course is NOT a replacement for GP or medical guidance and therefore I would encourage this support first if you are worried or concerned about your child. This course has been developed for any child over the age of 11.


I cannot wait to share this course with you, 'Breaking free from TOXIC RELATIONSHIPS' I think we've all been impacted by a toxic relationship at some point in our life! Whether it's a bully in the playground, a parent that impacts our behaviour, a friendship group, a past relationship or even a current relationship! This course will cover all you need to be able to FEEL, DEAL AND most importantly HEAL. The course is ready to release in Sept 2023 and I know it's going to make a huge impact. Letting you process what you have been through and how to let go of what is holding you back. Whether its that old flame that you can't get out of your head or past programming from a family member it's all covered here. If you want to be the first to know then click the button below, fill out the form and I'll email you a few days before it's release.

What you can expect from our courses

01. How is the course run?

Each course is self-paced, I appreciate how busy you are and that there may be a need to fit this in around other areas of your life. 

02. How do I access the course?

Clicking the on the ‘access button’ on this website will take you directly to the course website, after purchasing your chosen course you will have immediate access to the course.

03. How long do I have to complete the course?

Once you have purchased the course it’s yours to keep. You can come back at any time to refresh your memory and carry out any of the exercises.

04. What resources or materials are provided?

Each course comes with a downloadable PDF that you can print to keep, as well as videos explaining each topic of the course in detail.

05. Are there any assessments?

Not a all, each course is developed in a way that is naturally reflective, this will mean that there are points of the course where you are making notes however there is no completion assignment with the course.

06. Are you there to support me during the course?

I am an inbox message away, I will support you in any way that I can however this isn’t a counselling contract and therefore I would encourage you to reach out to myself or another professional if you are struggling mentally.

The courses are designed as a continuation of self reflection and not as a replacement for any therapy or GP support.


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