Fees & Confidentiality

There is no fee for the consultation, this is used for you to make sure that I am the best person to support you.

Once a session has been offered FULL payment is required to secure the session. 

The details that are required such as payment information and location are forwarded to you by email.

Details on session fees are below.

“If you're feeling stuck, unfulfilled, or unsure of how to move forward”

You can explore your past, unresolved issues, and ways to resolve them and then discover what truly matters to you.
Through either one-on-one counselling or mindset sessions or group work, you’ll have the opportunity to set and work towards achievable goals. You’ll also have access to a range of tools and strategies, such as coping strategies,  mindfulness practices and goal-setting techniques, to help you overcome any obstacles or challenges that may be holding you back.

One to One Counselling

One to One sessions are held ideally face to face however I do offer Skype video calls or phone sessions to work around your busy lifestyle.

If you are having a virtual or phone session it’s important that you are in a safe space away from people that can listen in.  It’s also important that you are able to leave the space after your session.


Relationship Counselling

I only offer face to face sessions for relationship counselling due to the nature of the session.


Online Courses

Online courses range in cost from £0 

Please take a look and see if there are any that are suitable.

What Happens With Your Information

All information collected will not be shared with any third parties and is only collected for the purposes of therapy.

Your name, address, date of birth and age as well as GP details are kept for safeguarding purposes, your privacy is of the utmost importance and it is not taken lightly to break confidentiality, but there may be a time when this information will have to be shared with a third party, these being: If I believe that you are a risk to yourself, myself or to others, if there is a risk to a child/vulnerable adult, if you disclose an act of terrorism or money laundering I am obliged to disclose this information.

The information that will be shared will be discussed within your session, we discuss what will be shared and who with and what will happen outside of the session. No information is disclosed without your knowledge.

I do discuss my case work with my supervisor who is also a qualified counsellor and adheres to the same confidentiality and privacy requirements; all information that is shared is anonymous to avoid identification.



Kind Words of Praise

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