One to One counselling allows you to explore issues that are currently impacting your life; these may be from your past, dealing with a present crisis or fear of what may happen in the future. It is important to have a safe space to talk through and understand your current thinking and behaviour as well as how you are coping. When you are facing times of uncertainty or crisis having a safe space allows you to gain clarity and find a resolution to your problems.

"Healing begins when you're ready to embrace your journey and create a brighter tomorrow."

Issues that I help with:

“Unlock Your Potential: With A Counselling & Mindset Coach That Will Help You Overcome Obstacles and Achieve Success”

Counselling and mindset work offer transformative support to unlock your untapped potential. Through counselling, you can explore and address underlying emotional, relational, and life challenges that may be holding you back. By gaining self-awareness, developing coping strategies, and working through obstacles, counselling empowers you to navigate personal and professional growth with confidence and resilience. 

Mindset work compliments counselling by focusing on shifting negative thought patterns, cultivating a positive mindset, and embracing possibilities. It helps you challenge self-limiting beliefs, develop empowering perspectives, and create a roadmap for success. Together, counselling and mindset work can unlock your true potential, enabling you to live a fulfilling, purpose-driven life.

What you can expect from me

01. One-on-one counselling sessions

Your sessions are taken at your own pace, I do not have an agenda.  The sessions are yours to focus on what is important to you. 

02. Non-judgemental Support

Regardless of why you are seeking support, there is no judgement, what is important to me is that you feel safe and secure while working through the issue/s that you have brought to the therapy setting.

03. Coping Strategies

During our time together we will work towards creating a better way of coping outside of your counselling sessions.

These strategies are life long and not just for the time that you are in therapy.

04. Support

I will support you in the best way possible, this may be referring you to another person or organisation.  Your wellbeing is of the upmost importance and I will endeavour to make things are easy as possible.

05. Review Points

There is a review point at session 6 so that we can make sure that you are gaining what you need from the process, this also gives us the opportunity to make any adjustments to your treatment plan.

06. Confidentiality

All information that is shared is held in the strictest of confidence, no information is shared to a 3rd party unless for safety reasons (this is explained in your initial session)


Kind Words of Praise

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