Kind Words from Past Clients

Here are some reviews from past clients about their experience of working with me or interacting with the courses that I offer.

As a fitness enthusiast and business owner, I have had the immense pleasure of working with the truly exceptional Lisa Waker. She has played an instrumental role in transforming the lives of my fitness clients. From the moment we collaborated, her passion, expertise, and unwavering dedication were evident, setting the stage for an extraordinary journey of growth and development.

From a fitness perspective, Lisa’s impact has been nothing short of profound. Her unique approach to counselling, which skilfully combines elements of mental well-being, self-empowerment, and personalised guidance, has had a resounding effect on my clients. Whether they were struggling with motivation, self-esteem, or personal obstacles, she is always ready to lend a compassionate ear and offer practical, actionable advice.

One of Lisa’s most commendable traits is her genuine commitment to the well-being of both clients and colleagues. Her caring and empathetic nature creates an environment of trust, making it easier for individuals to open up and share their concerns without fear of judgment. I have personally witnessed her going above and beyond to ensure that everyone she interacts with feels valued and supported.

Moreover, her communication skills are second to none. She has a remarkable ability to articulate complex emotions and concepts, making her counselling sessions engaging, enlightening, and thought-provoking. Her positivity and infectious enthusiasm never fail to inspire those around her, motivating everyone to strive for personal growth and success.

In conclusion, Lisa's impact on my fitness clients and business has been transformative in every sense of the word. Her unwavering commitment to mental well-being and personal development within the fitness realm has touched numerous lives, leading to a flourishing community of individuals determined to achieve their best selves.

Lisa is an incredible woman and everyone needs a bit of Lisa in their lives. 

I'm so grateful to you.

Keris Hopkins
Owner - Keris Louise Fitness

"Just wanna send you a message to say thank you so much for your live in my membership group.  You were incredible & the girls absolutely loved it.  You made them feel so much more confident in themselves & me too.  The feedback from the girls was so positive & they've asked to have you back! 

So thank you so much angel I really appreciate you.

Sophie Hawkins

The course has helped me massively. The course has helped me to recognise when an anxiety attack is beginning and that has been incredible. I’ve been able to tell the people around me that it’s happening so that if I need to I can leave a situation so I can collect myself and re-enter the situation feeling better. I’ve been able to work on coping mechanisms that work for me which has also been a great help. My anxiety has always been the worst around exams and this week I had a GCSE but I was able to keep calm and although there were some moments where I felt myself becoming more anxious I was able to recognise that and calm down which is something that I’ve always struggled with.

Age 16
South Wales

This course helped my self esteem massively. I used to believe I was never enough for myself let alone anyone else. I’m now starting to focus on loving me because of how natural the course was and how supportive you are throughout and on the other end of a DM . You and the course has helped me start believing I can do whatever I set my mind to and to block out all the haters and the negativity and made me understand that I don’t need to worry about those that don’t matter in my life. The course is a 10/10 and the affirmations everyday are powerful. Amazing supporter amazing course would recommend to everyone thank you.

South Wales
I was lucky enough to meet Lisa through a fitness programme around 2 years ago. She did a live on social media for mental health awareness week and I was captivated by the calming tone of her voice, her way with words and she just had an aura about her that drew me in. I was going through some things in my personal life and I reached out and booked a consultation, which was the best thing I ever did. I had monthly appointments in a safe space and I didn’t need to worry about what I said or how I said it! She was always so patient and understanding in sessions. She always made me see another side to things when I was always so critical of myself. Subject matter was endless but my main topic always seemed to be relationships. I had spent a number of years wasting my time and energy on the same type of partner and the ending would always been the same. I would always think I was the reason it would end. This had a profound affect on my self esteem and I would make bad choices. It turned into a vicious circle. She made me realise the root of this pattern/problem and provided me with the tools to change my mindset…I am enough! She has made me realise my worth! And for that I will always be grateful xo
"Thank you for everything, hands down you've been the best and let me look at things so much differently. I still believe if it wasn't for you I'd still be stuck thinking I was broken. You've done so much for me in such a short amount of time. It's let me realise where certain feelings and views come from, it's been a rollercoaster. You've been the best counsellor and have felt more like a friend."
I think being in the mental health profession always made me feel like I didn’t need help because I had the skills and knowledge to ‘sort myself out’ and that I could manage. That wasn’t true. You reminded me that being human and needing help doesn’t mean I’m broken or I’m damaged it means that we all need someone to help us. You were that someone. You reminded me of who I am, what I’m capable of and how admitting that I need someone to listen and support me for a change is absolutely fine and very well needed. Despite all the tears I let out in your little therapy room, I always left feeling better and light her. And now after several months I feel like me again. I am happy. To anyone who feels that therapy isn’t for them, just give it a go. It’ll surprise you. Forever grateful for you Lisa xx

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